3 Plumbing Tips for a Worry-Free Summer

As the colder months fade, we start to put away the flannels and wool hats and take out the shorts and bathing suits. If you’ve got kids at home and loved ones excited to gather outside for all kinds of (COVID-safe) summer parties, the overall traffic in your home is bound to increase soon.

You’ll have more dishes and clothes to wash, and the sprinkler will have to stay running to keep your lawn lush and refreshed. You’re also bound to take more showers as a household and rely even more heavily on your plumbing system as a whole. The important question is: Are your pipes up to the challenge?

To be certain, the answer is yes, it’s best to schedule annual plumbing repair through a professional like Stith Plumbing and HVAC.

If you’ve already scheduled your appointment, or you’ve already had your appointment, you still need to look out for your plumbing system. Here are three tips you can do yourself to keep your pipes working properly all summer long.

Look for Leaks 

Winter takes a toll on pipes, so summer is the best season to call and schedule plumbing repair to get the damage checked. One of our Stith Plumbing and HVAC professionals can come to your property and inspect the appliances that use water both inside and outside of your house. From faucets to sprinklers, we’ll do a full examination of your plumbing system.

It’s best to find these cracks early, as letting them go unchecked can cause your water bill to skyrocket. During our plumbing repair visit, we’ll check and treat hidden leaks, as well as rust, corrosion, and any other signs of damage. Even for the parts of your plumbing system that are buried underneath the yard, we have the tools necessary to diagnose any problems (without ruining your landscaping).

Check Water Pressure

The standard for household water pressure is somewhere between 40-45 pounds per square inch. Anything less can lower the efficiency of certain appliances; anything much higher could damage them. You can buy a pressure gauge to check the exact PSI (pound-force per square inch) of your home, but you can also get a rough idea of water pressure by running the shower and sink at the same time and monitoring for a change in the water flow.

Low water pressure is usually the result of a leak. If you’re uncertain, check your water meter. That’s an excellent way to tell if your household has experienced a sudden spike in water usage.

On the other hand, if you’re faced with water pressure over 80 PSI, you need a professional plumbing repair to protect your system. It’s a more intensive procedure, but we can install a pressure regulator into your water meter, which will lower your water pressure to a PSI safer for you and your appliances.

Compost at Home

The summertime brings many opportunities to party and have fun. And though parties will look a little different post-COVID, many of us have taken the precautions necessary to catch up safely with our loved ones. But when you’re clearing the plates after a fun barbecue in the sun, you want to be mindful of what you’re tossing down your garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are not meant to process large amounts of material. They can’t handle a lot of grease and oil, and stringy foods, like meat and certain produce, can get stuck in the blades. Without being selective about what you put in your disposal, it’s very easy to build up a clog. These clogs will only grow and worsen as the warmer months come.

Think about starting a compost bin for bigger food items that would otherwise be shoved down the drain. It could be a fun household project!

Also, make sure that you only use cold water when running your disposal. Letting the water run for 15 to 20 seconds before sending food down there is a great way to keep your system running smoothly.

Who Are Best Plumbers Near Me?

Whatever you do, if you wind up with a clog, you can call us for an easy plumbing repair. We’re well-experienced in clearing drains with eco-friendly products that guarantee your satisfaction and safety.

No need to Google “best plumbers near me.” Stith Plumbing and HVAC is the best in the business. We can provide services for your plumbing and cooling needs, making your household ready to host all kinds of summer fun and activities.