Water Heater Services in Springdale, AR

If you have had a hot water problem in your home, you will know exactly how much trouble it can cause to everyone in the household. Most appliances use hot water, and cold showers are extremely unpleasant. Aside from causing a stop to the many activities that are done in the home, a hot water heater that is broken can cause floor damage.

An expert plumber can conduct emergency water heater repairs to bring a household back to normal. If you find any traces of water leaking from your unit, you need to phone an expert and let him take a look at it.

Common Problems With Water Heaters in Springdale

When you have a water heater in your home then you will have a steady supply of hot water every day. In case you notice any change in the consistency of your water heater or any other issues related to it, you should address it immediately and get professional help. Homeowners may have problems with their water heaters like little or no hot water, colored water, stinky water, a noisy system, and a leaking unit.

No Hot Water

When no hot water is supplied to the home by the heater this can be traced to different issues. The pilot light, not lighting may be responsible for a gas unit without hot water, or it may be a lack of gas flow or the thermocouple not sensing that the pilot light is on. If the unit is electric, the heating element might have failed, the limit/reset switch might not be working, or the breaker might be tripped. A doctor will usually diagnose the problem and fix the system to restore the home’s hot water supply.

Little Hot Water

If it seems that there is not enough hot water in your home, you may need to get a bigger tank. During the winter months, it becomes necessary to raise the thermostat. Again, an expert technician will be able to identify and resolve the problem.

Discolored Water

Water that is discolored can mean that there are some issues that have come up. A corroded anode rod may lead to rusty colored water in the home. A replacement of the anode rod should clear this issue up. If it is not immediately replaced then this could lead to a leak and even a total replacement after some time.

When you see dirty but not rusty water coming from a faucet, it could be due to the buildup of mineral scale on the heating elements. Mineral accumulations are something a professional will look for when servicing your water heater.

Smelly Water

Water that has a sulfuric smell can be a sign that bacteria are present in the water. When the anode rod is replaced this can readily solve this issue. Heating the unit up to 140 degrees can help you kill all remaining bacteria inside the tank.

Strange Noises

You’ll know that there’s too much build-up in your tank or on the heating elements if you hear knocking, banging, hissing, or popping noises inside your water heater. Mineral accumulations can decrease your water heater’s operating efficiency or even cause leaking.


It is always a bad sign if your water heater unit is leaking. If a heater leaks from the top, it can be caused by loose pipes or a failed valve. If the issue is coming from the bottom, then over-pressurization, condensation, a loose drain valve, or tank corrosion may be the reason for the leak. You may need a replacement in Springdale for the tank if it is cracked or corroded.

Replacement and Installation

For new water heaters, issues are often simple and can be easily repaired. Typically, the older a unit is, the more issue it has due to corrosion and worn out parts. A water heater that has served a home for more than ten years will need to be replaced once it causes problems. New units will not require nearly as many upgrades and will often lower the utility bills as they will run more efficiently than an older unit and a skilled technician in Springdale will be able to inspect the system and give you an idea of whether or not it would be best to upgrade rather than fix it.

A technician can walk you through the options when it comes to replacing your water heater, and help you make the best choice. Choices for your home may be limited depending on energy sources, as certain houses are fitted only for gas or electric water heaters. Take a look at the new tankless water heaters to see if their energy efficiency is a compelling selling point for you.