Sump Pumps inĀ  Springdale, Arkansas

For homes that experience a lot of rains, then it is critical to have a sump pump. If you’ve ever had your basement flood, you can appreciate the necessity of having a sump pump to protect your home and your belongings. Although your sump pump may get relatively little use, it needs to be ready to kick in when needed.

Some sections of the country rely on sump pumps more frequently, but even in a drier climate, you need to be prepared for a heavy rainstorm or snowmelt. Before the beginning of the wet season, homeowners should have their sump pump serviced by a professional plumber so that it can handle the workload to come.

How do sump pumps work in Springdale?

Sump pumps collect excess groundwater and direct it away from the home’s foundation. Typically, they are placed at the lowest part of your home’s basement/crawl space, which is where the groundwater gravitates. The motor of the sump pump will be activated when there is enough water present and it will push the water through a drainage pipe pointed away from your home.

A broken sump pump would not be able to function properly and the excess of water may end up in the home or cause flooding in the basement. Water damage from a messed up or inadequate sump pump can be broad and cause costly fix needs all through the home.

If you have concerns about the efficiency of your sump pump, you can have a professional in Springdale come out to inspect it, and they could also show you the latest models if a replacement is in order. Even when the power is cut off, most new pumps are designed to work, so your belongings are safe no matter what. The pipes leading from the sump pump can also be inspected by the professional to determine how effectively water is directed away from your home. They will do repair or make replacement of any leaky pipes to make sure that your home’s foundation has protection even in the heaviest of storms.

Don’t wait until a major downpour is predicted to have your sump pump serviced. Thus, the best time to have your sump pump serviced is now. When a major storm is in the forecast, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing your sump pump won’t fail you. It may not seem important at the moment, but a properly functioning sump pump is a vital protection for your home.

What are the signs you need a sump pump service?

It is always a matter of concern when there is standing water in your basement area or crawl space and may signify problems with your sump pump. A pool of water may arise from a burst or leaky pipe. But if you’ve checked your pipes and see no signs of leaking, the sump pump is the likely cause of the water in your basement. While a sump pump is used to remove excess water from the house, if the pump does not function properly, water may flow through holes and cracks around the foundation and walls.

Another method of determining if your basement has a moisture problem is to affix a 2 ft. a square piece of plastic material to a hard surface in your basement to see if any sign of condensation forms beneath it after a few days. The number of plastic squares that you will put will depend on the size of your basement. If you notice that water does form under the plastic, then you know there is an excessive amount of moisture getting into your space. This may be a red flag that your sump pump requires service.

Sump Pump Maintenance

There are things that homeowners can do in between service calls to keep their sump pump in good working condition and ready to protect your home in the event of heavy rainfall. To do a basic sump pump check, double-check that all cords are plugged in and that the cords aren’t damaged. After that, the homeowner can remove the submersible pump and clean off the grate so that it is free of rocks or any other debris. If the pump is not completely upright when it is put back in place, the float arm may not sense the presence of water and turn the pump on.

In order to know its level of reaction and power then you can pour some water where it is located. It may be time for professional repairs in Springdale if it is draining slowly or not at all. When the pit is drained then the drainage pipes need to be checked for leaks and if there are leaks they need to be repaired.

The discharge pipe need to be clear from any obstructions or debris or problems will occur. Last of all, any water or battery-powered backup pumps will need to be inspected and ready for operation should the main pump fail for any reason, or in the event of a power outage.