Emergency Plumber in Springdale, AR

Most people take their plumbing systems for granted until something goes wrong. When that happens, though, you’ll be forced to take notice. If you don’t, your home or business could suffer substantial damage.

Even if you take great care of your home’s plumbing system, it’s still a good idea to have an emergency plumber on call. Here at Stith Plumbing & HVAC, we have on call plumbers ready and willing to come to your aid at any time of the day or night.

Never Put Off Major Plumbing Repairs

There are some types of plumbing issues that you can put off dealing with until business hours. You don’t need to call an emergency plumbing service to deal with a dripping faucet, for example, or a leak in a water-using appliance you don’t use very often. However, you should plan to address major plumbing problems immediately by calling the plumbers at Stith Plumbing & HVAC.

You might think you’ll save money by putting off repairs, but that’s rarely the case. Hiring a 24 hour plumber may be expensive, but the cost will pale in comparison to dealing with the substantial water damage that can result from leaky pipes or severely clogged drains. We always offer transparent pricing, so you’ll know what to expect when you schedule afterhours plumbing services.

Common Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber

You should call an emergency plumber any time you’re concerned that further damage to your plumbing system or home will result from putting off dealing with the problem. We see some types of plumbing emergencies more often than others, though. You should always call an emergency plumbing service if you notice any of these issues.

Toilet Troubles

If your toilet is backing up, leaking around the base, or failing to flush for any reason, you should call a 24 hour plumber. Wastewater backups can be dangerous to residents’ health, whether they’re the result of a clog or people continuing to use a toilet that won’t flush. Leaks around the base can cause substantial water damage if you ignore them. We can fix all of those problems, and more, no matter when they come up.

Serious Clogs

We don’t just deal with toilet troubles. Our emergency drain cleaning services can be a lifesaver no matter which of your home’s drains is backing up. Whether there’s a major clog in your bathroom sink or the kitchen pipes are so covered in grease you can’t get them to drain, call to schedule an afterhours plumbing visit.

Pipe Leaks

Leaky pipes are always plumbing emergencies, whether they’re in water supply lines or drains. Most people don’t think to call an emergency plumber service unless they notice visible leaks. However, we can also provide leak detection if you notice more subtle signs such as sudden mold growth, the earthy odor of mildew, or a water meter that just keeps going even after you’ve turned off all the taps.

Water Heater Damage

Not every emergency plumber knows how to work on water heaters, but here at Stith Plumbing & HVAC, we do it all. If your water heater is leaking, producing discolored water, or failing to provide you with sufficient amounts of hot water to handle all of your family’s daily needs, it can cause significant strain. You don’t have to live with cold showers and dirty dishes until a regular plumber can fit you in. Our emergency plumbers will get your hot water back on, no matter when you call for help.

Commercial Services

Run a business in Springdale? You shouldn’t just assume that every plumbing contractor also works as an emergency commercial plumber. Our team of on call plumbers has dedicated experience working in commercial spaces, so we’re well-equipped to deal with any plumbing emergency.

You Can Rely on Stith Plumbing & HVAC

When something goes wrong, you need an emergency plumber you can rely on to show up on time and get the job done right. Whether you’re looking for an emergency commercial plumber or a residential contractor, you’ll find what you need here at Stith Plumbing & HVAC. We’ve been in business for well over half a century, and in that time, we’ve seen it all. Whether you need emergency drain cleaning, leak detection, or another plumbing service, we’re here to help.

Stith is my go-to for any and all plumbing concerns! They helped rescue me from a failed sump pump and install a new shower and laundry system for my basement unit. They even helped me get my propane fireplace running again and ran a new line for my propane cook stove. Everytime I see them they are friendly professional and upbeat about some fairly challenging work. You can go wrong with them!!Jessica Green