8 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home

It can be very easy to run up your water usage in your home if you are not aware of it. Excessive water use will show up on your monthly bill and eventually in the environment around you. People who live in places like Springdale, AR, that are prone to droughts must be extra careful about their water usage. 

Luckily, these easy strategies will help you conserve water in your home. Every bit of water conservation helps the community as we fight drought conditions. You will likely be much happier with your water bill, too!

1. Turn Off Water Between Uses

This advice may seem obvious, but most people keep their tap water running during hygiene practices. If you are washing your hands, brushing your teeth, or taking a shower, consider turning off the water when you are not actively rinsing. These little breaks in between uses can save a lot of water each month.

When you are brushing your teeth, you can turn the water off until you are ready to rinse your mouth. In the shower, turn the water off while you are lathering and washing. 

When you are ready to use the water again, you can turn it right back on at the same temperature. Turning off the tap is an easy way to conserve water once you get into the habit. 

2. Wash Bigger Loads of Laundry

Everyone knows the dreaded laundry pile-up that often happens in a home with a lot of people. However, saving your laundry for larger loads in the washing machine can actually be a great water conservation method. Fewer loads of laundry mean fewer gallons of water used to clean your clothing. 

Larger loads of laundry save time as well. Instead of going through the washing, drying, and folding process multiple times in a row, you can get it all out of the way at once. Consider waiting until your washer is full of clothes to start a new load. 

3. Install Water-Saving Shower Heads

Several brands make showerheads that are designed to use less water during your showers. Buying one of these “smart showerheads” can save you a lot of water (and money) each month. 

Water-saving showerheads typically have high-pressure settings to mimic the feel of regular showerheads. This way, you can remain comfortable in the shower while conserving water. 

4. Use a Bowl to Wash Foods

Many people wash fruits and vegetables in their sinks, but this can lead to water waste. Instead of leaving your water running while you rinse off your produce, consider using a bowl instead. This way, you can get the dirt and grime off of your food without using excessive amounts of water. 

This tactic works for dishes as well. Instead of keeping the water on the entire time, plug the drain to keep a full sink of water for dishwashing. You will use far less water and keep your dishes cleaner this way. 

5. Clean Outdoor Spaces with Brooms

Instead of running your hose to wash your driveway, sidewalk, or patio, sweep the dirt off of the surface into the grass. Using a hose to clean outdoor spaces can waste hundreds of gallons of water per use. A broom is just as effective as a hose, without the water waste. 

Your outdoor areas will likely stay cleaner if you use a broom as well. Water allows particles to stick to the surface you are trying to clean, making it harder to get dirt and dust off of the ground. If you use a broom, you can quickly sweep away the dirt and keep a clean space. 

6. Avoid Using the Hose for Children’s Play

Whether it is for a sprinkler or simply spraying water for fun, children love to use the hose outdoors while playing. Unfortunately, this is counterproductive when you are trying to conserve water. The hose emits a lot of water in a short amount of time, and children’s water play can waste hundreds of gallons of water in under an hour. 

Encourage children to play in a pool that is already filled or use squirt guns instead. This approach allows them to cool off and have fun without damaging your water conservation efforts. 

7. Go to a Car Wash

Instead of washing your car at home, we recommend using a car wash service. Washing your car with a hose can waste a lot of water and does not clean your car as well as a professional washing service. Car washes are designed to emit optimal levels of water, so they are less wasteful when it comes to water conservation. 

If you do need to wash your car at home, fill up a bucket with water and soap. Do not leave the hose running continuously; this approach will make your water bill sky-high. By using a set amount of water in a bucket, you can thoroughly clean your car without worrying about water waste. 

8. Have Leaks Fixed Right Away

When you are trying to conserve water, leaks can be the biggest culprit for water waste. They drip continuously, and every drop adds up on your monthly bill. Search for a nearby plumber in Springdale, AR, as soon as you notice a plumbing leak. 

Even if a leak seems tiny and insignificant, you are still wasting many gallons of water until it gets fixed. In drought conditions or tough financial circumstances, leaks can be extremely harmful. 

Water conservation is very important in the Springdale, AR, area. By conserving your water, you are helping your local community avoid droughts and water waste over time. 

At Stith Plumbing & HVAC in Springdale, we come out to your home and fix leaks as soon as we get the call. Don’t wait for your leaks to become major sources of water waste. We can help you optimize the water flow in your home so you can conserve water and avoid future plumbing leaks. 

Call Stith Plumbing & HVAC for emergency plumbing repair and all of your other plumbing needs!