Common Toilet Issues (…And How a Plumber Can Help)

The toilet is one of the most relied-upon appliances in your home. After all, we all use it at least once a day, if not more. But what happens when there’s an issue with the toilet?

One minute, the toilet is working fine, but the next, you could leak. Delaying toilet repairs adds unnecessary stress. Usually, you can avoid getting a toilet replacement by fixing minor issues. When you put it off, however, the problems can spiral out of control.

You’ll need to call your plumber for toilet repair so that they can identify and fix the issue. They will notify you if you need a toilet replacement or fix the problem quickly.

Here are just six of the most common toilet issues that you don’t want to put off. We don’t recommend delaying toilet repairs or even a toilet replacement. That will only lead to more expensive issues in the future.

6. The Toilet Doesn’t Flush Well

Perhaps the most common of issues is a toilet that doesn’t flush well. When this happens, your plumber can fix it easily.

They will need to locate the source of the issue first. The most common reasons a toilet won’t flush are clogs, malfunctions, or defective toilets. Calling a plumber is the best way to know if you need repairs or a toilet replacement.

5. Rocking Toilet

When your plumber installed your toilet, they fastened it to your bathroom floor. The wax seal, which keeps the toilet on the ground, becomes damaged when the toilet moves.

First, they will slip plastic shims underneath the base of the toilet. Next, they will caulk around the toilet. Caulking prevents leaks and seals the toilet to the floor, effectively stopping the rocking.

4. A Cracked Seat

Nobody likes looking at a cracked toilet seat. If your seat has a (minor or major) crack in it, it’s time to call for toilet repairs. Fixing cracks are one of the most straightforward toilet repair jobs that your trusted plumber can perform.

First, your plumber will set your seat in place and remove the nuts and bolts. This can be time-consuming, but with experience, any plumber can get it done. After removing the old seat, your plumber will put a new one in place.

3. Rusted Toilet Bolts

When you lift your toilet seat, you will see two large bolts that secure the tank to the bowl. Like we mentioned above, these bolts on your toilet can rust over time. These bolts are in constant contact with water, being so close to a toilet.

When this happens, you can call your plumber to replace them. All it takes is removing the rusted ones and replacing them with new ones.

2. A Loose Seat

This is another easy toilet repair job your plumber can do. Your plumber will tighten the nuts and bolts to secure the seat or add rubber bushing and seat stabilizers.

1. A Bubbling Toilet

Bubbling results from an improperly vented toilet. The pipes need air to equalize the high pressure within the drain line. Without proper venting, the drain line will pull water from the toilet bowl.

This is a more complicated issue to fix. You will need to call your plumber for repairs. They can identify the problem and fix it professionally.

Call a Plumber You Can Trust

If you notice any of the above issues, it’s time for toilet repairs. Having the right plumber for the job is essential.

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