Exhaust Fans Provide Unbelievable Home Comfort

If your home faces air quality and temperature issues, exhaust fans could be just the solution you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn why exhaust fans are essential for home comfort in Springdale, AR.

What Are Exhaust Fans?

Exhaust fans are commonly found in bathrooms or kitchens and expel unwanted odors and excess moisture. They are found in kitchens and bathrooms because moisture tends to build up in these areas as you’re showering or cooking.

In addition to removing excess moisture and odors, exhaust fans also reduce chemical fume buildup and remove other harmful contaminants found in the air.

How Do Exhaust Fans Work?

Exhaust fans utilize a motor with blades that pulls air out from a specific space. The humid and contaminated air is drawn with venting fans into the exhaust vent, where it safely exits your home.

These fans are typically controlled by a wall switch and operate using electricity. However, some exhaust fans come with a thermostat that automatically turns the fan on when certain temperatures are reached.

Benefits of Using Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans offer a unique and affordable way to provide fantastic home comfort. Let’s look at the benefits of using exhaust fans:

Prevent Home Damages

Excess moisture buildup in your home can cause costly damage. In fact, condensation from hot showers can lead to mold growth on your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Luckily, exhaust fans take the excess moisture in your home and deposit it outside.

Provide a Cooling Solution

In addition to preventing mold growth, exhaust venting fans can also cool down your home. Exhaust fans quickly ventilate the hot air as your bathroom or kitchen gets warmer from showering or cooking. These fans allow you to cool down critical areas of your home without needing to use an air conditioner.

Improve Air Quality

The indoor air quality of your home is extremely important for you and your family. Stagnant air filled with humidity, contaminants, and odors is unpleasant and unhealthy to breathe in. Exhaust fans improve your home’s air quality by removing polluted air and allowing clean, clear air to circulate throughout your home.

Types of Home Exhaust Fans

Although there are many different models of home exhaust fans, they typically operate in one of two ways. They are either connected to your home’s current ventilation system or ventilate directly outdoors through dedicated ductwork or the unit itself.

You can generally find wall and ceiling mounted exhaust fans in bathrooms and range hood exhaust fans in kitchens.

Common Issues with Exhaust Fans

There are two common issues that exhaust fans face. If not operating properly, exhaust fans won’t be able to provide the benefits listed above. To prevent these issues, you’ll need to hire a trusted plumber and HVAC specialist like the ones at Stith Plumbing & HVAC:

Improper Installation

Exhaust fans that are installed incorrectly won’t be able to regulate contaminated air properly. Improperly installed exhaust fans allow heat and excess moisture to travel into other areas of your home.

Furthermore, if your exhaust fan isn’t adequately insulated, the air pulled into the vents can leak into the attic of your home. This leaking causes a variety of moisture issues, such as mold buildup.

Loud Noise

If your exhaust fan for room air circulation isn’t correctly installed, it could lead to loud, disruptive noise when turned on. A loud annoying noise emitted from an exhaust fan could lead to people avoiding using it when taking showers or cooking. Not using exhaust fans will lead to poor indoor air quality and moisture issues in your home.

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