How to Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running

Have you noticed that your toilet keeps running long after you’ve flushed it? This is a common issue that many homeowners deal with (at least those who have gravity-flush toilets), and it usually happens for one of two reasons.

The first reason is when water leaks from the tank into the bowl. The second is when the fill tube refills too much water into the tank, activating the overflow tube.

Whatever’s going on with your fixture, a toilet that keeps running needs to be fixed! Otherwise, not only do you have to listen to the annoying sound of trickling water, but you’ll waste gallons and gallons of the stuff!

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3 Ways to Fix a Toilet That Won’t Stop Running

When your toilet keeps running, you’ll want to get it fixed before the underlying cause leads to any further issues. Fortunately, a professional plumber can typically resolve these kinds of issues quickly. Read on to find out three ways to fix a toilet that won’t stop running.

  1. Adjusting the Flapper

The flapper is the plastic or rubber cup at the bottom of your toilet tank. This cup rises when you flush the toilet, allowing water to enter the bowl from the tank. When the flapper doesn’t flush with the bottom of the tank, water can move past it and into the bowl non-stop.

A faulty flapper is the most common cause of a toilet that keeps running. When this happens, your toilet tank will continuously drain until the refill tube needs to fill it over and over again. A plumber can fix this fast by removing and replacing the flapper properly or replacing it altogether with a new one.

  1. Checking the Fill Tube

The fill tube is a small plastic tube connecting the main fill valve to your toilet’s overflow pipe. This tube should always remain above the water line in the tank, even when it is full. If the fill tube is under the waterline, that could be why your toilet keeps running.

A plumbing professional can resolve this very quickly by manually bending the tube so that it is above the water line again. They could also trim down any excess length.

  1. Adjusting the Float

The float is suspended and attached to your toilet’s fill valve. When you flush, the fill valve adds water until the float rises in the tank and holds itself up. When the float is not positioned correctly, the fill valve may add too much water. As a result, the overflow tube will then drain excess water repeatedly. This will cause the toilet to keep running.

As a solution, your plumber may move the float inside the tank using the adjustment screw connected to the fill valve arm (also known as the ballcock).

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