4 Proven Methods to Finding a Trustworthy Plumber

Finding a Trustworthy PlumberWhether your spouse put chicken bones down the garbage disposal again, or if nobody in the house seems to know why the toilet is overflowing, or maybe you’ve just heard about saving money with a tankless water heater installation, a plumber is a good contact to have. But after simply searching, “plumbers near me,” where do you go from there? The search engine’s results can be overwhelming, so here are 4 easy steps to take in order to find the plumber of your dreams.

Remember, you deserve a plumber who:

  • Is on time
  • Available 24/7
  • Offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Is licensed
  • Allows you to compare prices
  • Is respectful and clean
  • Educates and informs you of all plumbing options

Alright, so you’ve searched “Plumbers near me” and have subsequently stumbled across a list that your search engine of choice has thrown together. Do not (I repeat!) do not select the first plumber on the list and call it a day.

Did you know that businesses can pay to have their listing appear at the top of the list? Did you know that some reviews posted can be fake in order to make a business look better? So, if you can’t just select the first option that appears, how can you select the plumber that is right for you?

Take the Time

I’m speaking to all the procrastinators out there, and honestly, we all have a little of that in ourselves, but allowing enough time to properly select the best plumber will prevent a disaster. This means seeking out a professional plumbing company before a water heater repair or garbage disposal repair is needed.

Why would you do that? Having a trustworthy plumber’s number stored in your phone will guarantee that when a leak strikes, someone will come to your aid without ripping you off or leaving your house in disarray.

Do the Research

Let’s go back to those search results you found. Instead of directly calling a plumber, find their website and/or credentials. Here’s what you should look for:

  • How long has the plumber/company been in business? Typically, the longer a company has been in business, the more reputable it will be. If a company has just opened for business, it might not be the best idea to hire them.
  • How many reviews does the company have? Look at the numbers and use your smarts—I know you have em! Take a look at the 5-star rating. If the five stars are derived from a small number of people, it might not be a qualifying factor.
  • Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB’s model is to “Start With Trust,” so they have pre-setup lists of businesses and/or contractors that you can trust your money with. If a BBB accreditation is not listed on the plumber’s website, this can be done with a quick and easy search at https://www.bbb.org. Bonus tip: hit up the link for plumbers!

Get Referrals

Calling all neighbors, friends, coworkers, Facebook acquaintances, and piano tuners. No, but really. Call the people in your life and ask them who their plumber is. Obtaining personal references is one of the best ways to guarantee the perfect selection of your new plumber.

When to ask? Anytime. When ordering coffee from your favorite barista or grabbing the mail while your neighbor is outside. It’s as simple as picking up the phone and asking “I need a water heater repair. Do you have a plumber you’d recommend?”.

Keep in mind, 3 is the magic number. Find 3 outstanding reviews on the same plumber from people that you know, and you’ve got the green light to finally make that phone call.

Be Proactive in Your Safety

Once you feel confident enough in making a phone call to a potential plumber, don’t let your diligence falter. Before asking for more information on tankless water heater installation, ask about licenses, warranties, and background checks. Even if the job is as simple as a garbage disposal repair, your safety is just as important.

It’s important that all plumbers are licensed. Not only does this ensure the safety of your home and family, but if something were to happen, it is easier to take action. Warranties are another staple. If a company or plumber does not guarantee that their services will be top-notch, this is a huge red flag. Don’t forget the background checks, too. If a company can’t provide plumbers that have had a background check, you’ll want to call a different one.

Remember, never let a plumber guilt you into their services or make you feel bad for comparing prices with another plumber. Be smart and take charge of your pipes!