5 Tips & Tricks to Increase AC Efficiency

When you call Arkansas home, it’s no secret that the summer temperatures can be brutal. While your home is meant to be an oasis of comfort year-round, a residence with a faulty air conditioner in the summer months is anything but peaceful.

A well-maintained and fully-functioning air conditioner isn’t so much a luxury this time of year as it is a necessity. Any inefficiencies in the system can cause an increase in discomfort for residents and an increase in energy bills.

For many households across Springdale, AR, and Rogers, AR, a vast majority of the monthly utility totals stems from heating and cooling. That makes air conditioning a primary energy expense you should consider. 

When you need AC repair or furnace repair, knowing the people to call when things go wrong with an HVAC system is key to keeping a home safe and comfortable. However, there are plenty of steps homeowners can take on their own to increase AC efficiency too.

The following are five tips and tricks that homeowners can try when it comes to boosting AC efficiency. These simple strategies will cool you down and keep energy bills lower, too.

  • Check and Clear Your Vents

Sometimes keeping your air conditioner running at its best doesn’t come down to AC repair. Instead, it’s about keeping vents throughout the home clean and clear to allow for more productive airflow.

Even a fully functioning air conditioner will have trouble producing cooling results if your vents get clogged with debris. The same issue arises when furniture is blocking your vents.

Take some time to look at each vent in the home and make sure it’s clear of obstructions. Running a vacuum over the vent will remove any buildup that could be hindering cooling airflow.

  • Make Sure the Thermostat Is Far from Heat Sources

Simple mistakes can be the culprit behind overworked air conditioning units and rising energy bills. Thermostats located near heat sources are often one of them.

Make sure to always keep lamps and heat-producing appliances far from the thermostat. The excess heat tells the thermostat that interior air temperature is hotter than it actually is, and the AC will inevitably be running overtime as a result.

  • Close the Shades and Blinds

When the sun is high in the sky and the mid-afternoon heat rises, closing the shades and blinds is a simple way to keep an AC running efficiently. Blocking out the heat during the hottest part of the day naturally cools the interior of a home. It also keeps the AC from kicking on when it doesn’t need to be.

  • Manage Dryer and Oven Usage

Most of the time, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to household chores and responsibilities is good. When it comes to AC efficiency, the opposite may be true!

Running the oven or dryer during the hottest times of the day is not recommended if you’re looking to keep your home nice and cool. The dryer pulls hot air into the house, and the oven heats the air as it cooks.

Both appliances will cause the AC to turn on more frequently, adding stress to the unit and causing energy bills to jump. So during the summer, feel free to put those chores off for a while and enjoy a cooler home as you do!

  • Program Your Thermostat to Match the Heat Increase

Getting your AC to work smoothly could be as simple as a few button clicks. We recommend that homeowners increase their thermostat by anywhere from five to eight degrees in the summer.

This small change helps air conditioners work consistently without having to work overtime to cool a home. Those who have programmable thermostats can make adjustments that match fluctuating daily temperatures. That could ultimately save you a lot of energy, too!

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